Hello Beautiful Souls, 


As a practicing Witch, I strive to learn and grow in my Craft. I personally have a strong ethical code of conduct that I strive to uphold at all times. I see a lot of younger Witches online, stay in their routine and never expand their knowledge, which is totally acceptable for a solitary practitioner. Our practice is unique to what each of us needs it to be. However, that said, thinking that they have the capability to teach, which most don’t, is an entirely different situation. This is just my opinion, but just because they’ve read the popular books that are out there (which have a lot of misinformation) and have been practicing the Craft for 4 or even 10 years, etc. That does not qualify them to teach their path to a child, or an adult for that matter. This is a serious spiritual path and, in some cases, a religion. If one hasn’t had some training in a mentor role, the formal study of the history and where practices have originated from and the ability to handle and navigate tough questions and emotional breakdowns, then do not think you are qualified to lead someone else down their path. I’m positive they don’t have lesson plans drafted up for formal study. I’m also sure that most of them don’t have proper notes written down and organized. Here is an example of a very real possibility of something going wrong: They tell someone to ingest an herb, then that person gets sick or it reacts badly to a medication they are taking, because they didn’t mention they were on medication, not having any clue that some herbs can cause a volatile reaction. They then say some random adult on the internet told them to do it. Now there is a very real possibility of massive repercussions and there could potentially be a lawsuit for medical expenses because they were not qualified to basically prescribe an herb to them.  

Just because these people want to teach a youngling that’s asking questions, doesn’t mean it should be done. It’s unethical if that person is a minor and also illegal in all 50 states to solicit a minor. When they tell younglings to come to them and say they will guide them, that is what they are doing is soliciting a minor. They are basically trying to indoctrinate them into a belief system. 


If it is a child whose parents don’t approve of them exploring Witchcraft as a spiritual practice, then it is not their place to teach them anyway. What if it was their child and someone wanted to teach them an organized religion behind their back? I’m positive that they’d be upset about it. How would you not be? Someone filling your child’s mind with scriptures and saying they will be damned to hell if they don’t convert. Then with that line of thinking, why would someone still go behind someone else’s back and teach their child the Craft? There is no way to know this youngling; they don’t know their family dynamic or what they’ve been taught, or their mental and emotional state. 

I think it’s great that these younglings want to learn and are trying to forge their own spiritual path, to learn to make decisions and think for themselves. However, they must respect their parent’s upbringing, and teachings until they are old enough to really make major life path choices and stand their ground in their belief system. I’ve had discussions with these people who argue that they will teach these younglings anyway because they have a right to believe and practice what they wish and need guidance as to what to do and where to go for information. I’ve stated actually no, they don’t have that right yet. They are children, who need to respect their parents and their guidance in what they believe their child should be believing. If these younglings think they are old enough to study and practice the Craft then they need to go to their parents and express their feelings in a practical way, but they are not old enough with the experience to understand how to properly communicate that to their parents. Now, I fully understand that they will likely be shut down by their parents because of a religious upbringing and the lack of knowledge about what actually Witchcraft is, which is not the worshiping of the Devil, but a natural way of being by connecting through nature to live in harmony, learning to listen to your spirit and connecting to the higher source.  

I believe it’s really just coming from a place of negative ego, where these people need to feel validated by sharing what they have learned to the younger generation. The need to have a purpose, if purpose is lacking in their life. The praise you can receive and the feeling of accomplishment you can feel from helping and teaching is a dangerous high that people get addicted to. So, you know how to smudge, and that some crystals do things to help your energy and you’ve done a spell that worked, or you’ve studied a little about herbs and what they do. That’s great, however, it does not qualify you to teach. With the boom of social media everyone, including myself, has the ability to share their tips and practices on-line. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok are all major places that people are sharing. Which is wonderful. I’m all for it. However, I do not tell people to come to me with their questions and tell them I will be their teacher. I do not teach minors. I will answer questions on my videos, but past that they must find their own way. I do enjoy sharing my practices and tips and if it works well for someone else, great. I’m very happy about it being useful to someone.   

A lot of these Witches I’ve come across claim to be Wiccan and go by the rule of three which is part of the Wiccan religion. Not all Witches go by this rule as a general notion. Some Witches do go by this rule but aren’t Wiccan. The rule of three is what you put out will come back to you x3. The origins of the rule of three law are a bit foggy, but it’s traced back to Gerald Gardner, who mentioned it in his early fictional work about Witchcraft but did not include it as a major part of his teachings. Later Raymond Buckland brought the concept into more widespread awareness. This particular concept has only been around for about 50 years. It is also referred to in the long poem known as the Wiccan Rede, which contains guidelines towards the magical traditions and spiritual beliefs and practices. It states that every magical act sent out into the Universe, either positive or negative, will be returned to the Witch three times. Now the “times three” could be referring to a multiplier, meaning that the consequences for you will be three times stronger than the intention you sent out or some may interrupt it to be three separate and individual instances, that rule could also be perceived as harming you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. That could then lead to physical harm manifesting in your body when those other bodies are affected. If you think about this applying to all people and not just Witches, why aren’t the people who do things to save the planet in a huge way, for instance, better off in their life? They still struggle with money issues and have bad things happen in their lives, it’s normal. That being said, I don’t really believe in this rule. I do however believe in the Eastern philosophy of Karma. I believe your actions are recorded by your Spirit, for growth purposes.  

So, I find it funny that these people who follow this rule, have no problem breaking ethics and teaching younglings against the parents’ wishes. As society already frowns upon the practice of Witchcraft and even calling oneself a Witch. I strive to hold to a strong code of ethics and be objective and open-minded. I want to be a positive example of the Witchcraft community. Just because you may be a solitary practitioner doesn’t mean you aren’t a reflection of the whole.

I don’t argue with people about what is right or wrong, because it doesn’t matter. What is right for you will not be right for someone else. If they want to pursue teaching children without their parents’ approval, then they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Why get upset that they are being unethical? What purpose does that serve? I share the information I have, but I’m not trying to change their mind or prove them “wrong” it’s not going to change their mind. They have the right to believe what they feel is right and correct for them to do, as do we all.  

In conclusion to this, I ask you, what is your ethical code of conduct? What are some virtues that you consider important? Here are some of mine that I live my life by. There are many more, this is just to name a few.

Speaking the Truth and speaking my truth is important to me. Being honest with one’s self and to others. Having respect for myself and towards others. I believe general respect should be paid as in having good social manners, however respect is also earned, as in through actions and conduct. Having the fortitude to persevere through hardships and challenges and not giving up. Being disciplined, having the strength to do what must be done, even if you don’t feel like it. Discipline helps keep your mind strong. Being honorable, keeping promises and doing what you say you will do. 

I hope this has been insightful for you. 

Be well on your journey.

Love and Light,