The Idea Behind Revive Tree of Life...

We live in a world filled with many cultures and beliefs, and while this can cause large rifts between humanity, we must breach them with the understanding that we all wish for a good quality of life and that we share this world for the short time that we are on it. The Tree of Life is a good way to represent the interconnectivity between all humanity and furthermore the connection we have with this planet. Many religions and beliefs share a common denominator in that the tree of life has a role to play. They may not all be recognized as exactly the same meaning, but it just goes to show how significant the idea of this tree really is.

Our hope here is to revive the idea that this tree represents in its many facets. Focusing on balance and mindfulness for personal health and well-being is one major component, but we also want to focus on being mindful of how the way we live can greatly effect others and the nature that sustains us. Caring for our earth has become our responsibility with the clear indication of how the progress of humanity has increasingly harmed it, and there are many short term and long term repercussions of this. We would love for you to join us in reaching out to others to promote self-awarenes, well-being, and caring for our home. No matter our differences, we are all in this together.

About the Shop

The products featured in our store are meant to support our goals for reviving the Tree of Life. We take particular care in formulating these offerings and hand-crafting them to serve a purpose in hopes that it will make an improvement in the lives of our customers, even if just a little. We are always brainstorming new ideas and trying to find more ways to develop our process further while using as many eco-friendly and organic products/packaging as possible.

The Founder

Shara Pangburn

Author | Sage Priestess | Witch
Shara is a certified Sage Priestess and practitioner of witchcraft. She makes a living providing massage therapy services, color therapy, and crystal light therapy. She also does card readings and informational videos on Tik Tok and blog posts. She is very spiritual and is ever endeavoring to spread her light with the world. Her dream is to have a B&B retreat in Oregan that will serve as a sanctuary for those looking to reconnect with nature and be more in tune with their spirituality.