Hello Beautiful Souls,

Let’s work with magick! Today I wanted to share a simple little spell jar you can very easily do yourself. You don’t have to be a Witch to do this spell jar. It’s about using tools to manifest a desired outcome. Whether you’re a Witch or not, your mindset and emotional wellbeing should be in a positive and calm state before doing this work. No ritual, spell or magical act of any kind should be performed while in a chaotic mindset, or in any form of negative emotional state. It will cause the spell to backfire or just won’t work in general. Your vibrational frequency makes a huge difference when working with manifesting any goal. I recommend setting some time aside to do this work. Gather your items up and have them ready to go. Take a cleansing bath or shower, smudge yourself with a sacred herb, meditate, eat a healthy meal. As with any spell this can be modified to suit your needs. If you don’t have a blue candle it doesn’t mean you will be unable to do this spell, just use a white candle. The same principle goes for the other items, substitute for what you have. Just go with things that help enhance communication. 


A tiny glass jar.

Sea salt

Skullcap herb

A small blue candle

A small piece of sodalite that will fit in the jar.

Smudging herb, like sage

Anointing oil like cypress or jasmine


Small piece of paper

A blue ink pen

Fireproof bowl


You can do this spell outside in nature or indoors, just be mindful of keeping your candle in a safe container. Prepare your space. If it’s in your practice to do so, cast your circle and call the elements now. Take your sacred herb and smudge your space and tools. Take some time to meditate until you feel ready to proceed. Take the pen and paper and write out your affirmation of intent for the enhancement of your communication abilities and set it aside.  Add the Sea salt to the jar, next add the small Sodalite stone, then the Skullcap herb. Make sure to leave a little room at the top of the jar. Now burn your affirmation intention in the fireproof container, collect the ash, and add it to the jar. I used a cleansing oil for the jar, but cypress or jasmine will work well. Anoint the top of the jar with the oil on your finger in a clockwise motion. Do the same for the candle only drawing it down the cande, not in a circle, bringing your intention to you. Close up the jar with its lid. Take the matches and light the candle, burning the wax over the jar until it’s sealed. Let the rest of the candle burn down. If you opened a circle, close it down now and thank the elements. Keep the bottle on your altar or in a manifestation box until your desired outcome happens. Once it does empty the contents of the jar outside in nature and clean your bottle out. 

*Note – You can combine all the jar ingredients together at once if you prefer that. I like it to have layers. It’s up to you. 


After doing this work I recommend you do some journaling. Write down the spell and time and date you performed it. Take some notes on how you’re feeling and how it went for you. Do some grounding in, take a walk or make a cup of tea. Check back in with yourself in a few weeks and update your notes.

Why use this particular combination of ingredients, you may wonder? Let me tell you why I chose them. 


Sea Salt – It’s cleansing and grounding

Skullcap herb – It helps with anxiety and stress related conditions. Using the nervine calming energy of this herb will help you relax. You will communicate better when you don’t let your emotions rule you.  

Sodalite – A great stone for communication and self expression. It’s vibrant blue color resonates with the throat chakra assisting it in healing energetic imbalances. This crystal is a salty combination of manganese and calcium, a magical synergy of minerals that creates a soothing effect on overstressed or sluggish adrenal glands. It gives the sense of a calming effect.

Jasmine oil –is known as one of the throat chakra essential oils for its effect on the voice. It allows for greater communication of our feelings, enhancing relationships and intimacy.

Cypress oil – Cypress helps us with transformation and inner renewal.

Blue candle/Blue ink – The color of the throat chakra which deals with your ability to communicate. 


I’d love to know if you try this and how it works out for you. If you have any questions, ask me in the comments below or send me an email.


Be well on your journey. 




Here is the short TikTok video I made for it. https://www.tiktok.com/@eve_morrigan/video/6798665078255176965?u_code=d4bl3j6g06bgbj&preview_pb=0&language=en&timestamp=1583116314&utm_source=more&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=android&share_app_name=musically&share_iid=6798355529846130438&source=h5_m