Hello beautiful souls,

Do you have a spiritual practice or religious belief system? This is a touchy subject for many people, and I’ve never understood why it should be. This blog is just my opinion and my ramblings. If you are minding your own business then what anyone else believes shouldn’t matter. The universe is grand and infinite, and I don’t believe the human mind, where it is now, can even begin to fathom its infinite abilities and power. It is a ridiculous concept to me that any religion should dictate what is absolute when no one can be 100% sure exactly what happens when we leave this plane of existence, as we perceive it now. I believe in the Old Gods, but I do not worship them like the modern religion worships their God. I pay my respects and work with them.

In this day of modern convenience and technology, how does one find ways to feel connected to their spirituality? People are so disconnected from nature and from other people that the concept of feeling connected to all people as a whole or communing with nature with the plants and animals is a completely foreign concept that sounds ridiculous to most. The thing is, to me, the concept that we are not connected is foreign. Even on a basic scientific level everything breaks down to atoms which then translates into energy. We are not just walking through a forest being in nature, we are nature ourselves. We are made up of plants, water, and stardust. That is completely magical. People often take this wondrous miracle we call life for granted and squander it away.  People find themselves lost and unhappy, finding it difficult to appreciate the little things they do have like a home to go to, food on the table, and feeling gratitude for these things each day.

What happens if you have a practice in place and a life event changes your view on everything? Do you give up on it all because you’ve been shaken with a new perspective or do you adapt your beliefs with the new information and knowledge gained and change and expand?  Will you let fear and doubt cloud your mind? Will you let your ego and pride ruin your practice and destroy your faith?

For me it doesn’t matter who believes what. I think bickering over religion or spiritual practices is pointless. No one can tell you or should tell you what to believe or how to feel. It is one thing to seek guidance when lost or find a mentor to help you build a solid foundation with where you would like to go in your practice. It doesn’t matter if it’s a formal religion like Catholicism or the practice of Witchcraft. Studying and implementing a practice with a routine should be done. Not just of where you want to go with your belief system, but studying many different religions and spiritual practices. That is how you form your own opinions, beliefs, and practices.

It is another thing entirely to tell someone what to believe and if they don’t agree with you, some kind of damnation will happen to your mortal soul or the old Gods will punish you. How is that going to help anyone see things from your perspective? It’s not. All it does is cause resistance for the person being told that, and also you are showing no respect for their belief system. Threating them with damnation is saying you know absolutely what is true and that is a complexly skewed perspective to have. Show the proof you have… You can’t because it is your belief and faith. It’s acceptable that it is what you believe, but it’s unacceptable to force that onto another. That is where faith comes in, and if you aren’t one for any spiritual practice or religion but science is what comforts you, then that is also perfectly acceptable.

Achieving a levelled spiritual routine can be difficult, nearly half my life has been dedicated to spiritual awareness, but I’d like to share with you my routine, and maybe it can help encourage or inspire your firsts steps.

This is just an example of the daily routine I tend to practice. I hope you seek out the magick in your day to day life. As a Witch, who practices witchcraft, I feel that if you aren’t practicing your Craft often, in some small way, then it’s more of a hobby and not a spiritual path you use to grow and heal.

I’m a big fan of meditation. I meditate two times a day, which I achieve most days, life does happen, and I can’t always do it twice a day. My morning routine consists of brewing up a cup of coffee, and I stir my intentions into it and thank the plants for the gift that I take into my vessel. I then make my breakfast. This is also the time I check my social media.  I eat a minimum of three times a day with one to two snacks. I bless and thank my food. I use my tarot and oracle cards three times a week or more for guidance and inspiration. At night I smudge with sage and palo santo and light candles and incense on my altar. I have crystals on my altar and around my room. I do an evening meditation and brew up a cup of herbal tea and thank it like I do for my coffee. I’m fairly good about journaling daily, and I like to do this at night before bed with my tea. These are my daily rituals. I also work magical spells when I feel the need arises, and I work with the different moon phases through its cycle. I take a ritual bath once a month that I choose ingredients with intention and purpose for my desired goal. I enjoy celebrating the big Sabbats/Holidays, and I redo my altar for the seasons. My practice helps me stay connected to my spirit and grounded into my body.

Just strive to be open-minded and have civil conversations about things. Be well on your journey my friends.

Love and Light,