Having a clear idea of our branding was certainly on the top of the list of priorities for building our website. One of our missions is to make lifestyle changes one step at a time by finding ways to make more eco-conscious decisions. It just made sense that we should start out by hosting our website with a company that runs on renewable energy. When I discovered GreenGeeks, I signed up right away, and we made a plan. After being with them for quite some time and establishing clients with their own WordPress websites on GreenGeeks, I can say that I'm very happy their service.

If any of you dear readers are looking to get your own website started, I'd urge you to find a web host that gives back. GreenGeeks was the option that I chose, but there are others out there. Do your research to find out what will suit you best. GreenGeeks puts back 3x as much energy into the power grid than what it uses to run, and their services are very affordable. If you decide to sign up with the link I've provided here, contact us with "GreenGeeks" in the subject box, and I will send you a link to a quick tutorial video on how to get started. Good luck on your future endeavors!

"300% Powered by Renewable Energy"

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