Hello Beautiful Souls,

Spring is upon us and we’ve had some rain showers here in California this past week. It makes for some beautiful days. The air is crisp and fresh, the breeze caresses your face like the touch of a lover, gentle and coaxing. The sound of the rain drops colliding together to make a symphony of water pattering the rooftops, the sound a soothing rhythm. The rain is cleansing. I love the rain. I had my door open listening to the song it was singing. The cold, clean air is refreshing. When the clouds look like this, big and puffy, the light turns the clouds deep greys, off whites, warm reds and pinks, it is difficult not to stop and stare at the beauty that this earth creates. To take a moment and just breathe and watch the wind blow them into different shapes as they move across the sky.


How are you all doing with the “social distancing” and the quarantine? Lots of people are already going stir crazy.

It goes to show you that no one slows down or knows how to be at home in their own space. This leads me to think that ppl may not be comfortable in their own space as a reflection that they are not comfortable in their own mind and body. A few points I want to start off with here. 

  1. While you’re at home be sure to stay calm and try not to worry. Worrying doesn’t help or fix anything. Stress will weaken your immune system. I’m not saying bottle up any emotions you’re feeling, but don’t let them control your every waking thought.
  2. Make sure you take this time to relax and rest and enjoy time with your family. You can also be busy and get things done at home. Do a full spring cleaning. Downsize your stuff, get rid of knick knacks and clothes. You can keep from going stir crazy by working on projects.
  3. Really take  this time to reflect on how you may be feeling “cooped up” and why. Why are you feeling trapped and claustrophobic in your own space? It should be a place you want to be in all the time, and if it’s not work on how to improve that situation. 

Take this time to reevaluate how you’ve been treating your physical body. How is your diet? Are you exercising regularly? Processed sugars weaken the immune system. Have your treats, but just be mindful that it is meant to be consumed on more rare occasions. Supplies are likely very limited right now, so get creative with what you have handy. Take this time to reinvent old favorite recipes, to keep it on the healthier side. Sit outside and enjoy being outdoors. Take a walk in your neighborhood. I have a lot of citrus trees and edible herbs in my neighborhood. If there are things like this in our area, ask your neighbors if you can have some. I think most people will share what they have, with an overbearing tree. One of my neighbors has chickens that produce eggs. They have offered to sell me some of them. You would be surprised at how many things you overlook day to day, but when a situation like this turns up it’s important to think about new ways to gain your resources. Try bartering with your neighbors.  Do they have things you need? Do you have things that they could use? Be extremely mindful at this time, because our elderly community are having many problems getting the supplies they need. Only purchase what you need, don’t be a hoarder. 


While we are being asked to self quarantine for major safety reasons, this is a good time to really make sure you get some relaxation time in for yourself. I’m definitely not suggesting you be a bum, but take the time to catch up on a favorite show, watch a movie with your loved ones, read a book, or listen to a podcast. If you are able to work from home, that’s great, but be sure to set hours of operation for yourself so you don’t spend your whole day working. One can also only take so much down time, before getting a bit stir crazy, so this is a great time to do a deep spring cleaning on your home. Consider rearranging a room to freshen up your perspective. Get rid of some things you no longer need or use. Downsize your clothes and donate them to a shelter in need. You will feel lighter and accomplished when these things get done. It will improve how you feel in your space.


Which brings me to expanding on my final point. How are you doing mentally being in your home space for such an extended period of time? Are you feeling depressed? Do you feel agitated? Or is this a normal situation for you? I do understand that being asked to stay in feels oppressive and restrictive, but I think it’s a great time to really be introspective. This is a time to reflect on why being at home conjures up any negative feelings for you and why that is? I believe it shows that you are not fully comfortable or confident in yourself or your space isn’t functional for your needs. Maybe your homelife isn’t the best, maybe you rent a small room in a house and don’t feel comfortable in the shared space, perhaps you have a large family and space is limited. Whatever the case may be, now is the time to get deep into your own thoughts and feelings and work on improving these feelings, so that you may heal, grow and make peace. This is the perfect time to start a journal practice, in order to sort out your thoughts. 

I’d like to finish up sharing some of my ideas for things you can try. This is a good time to do something new. There is way more you can do with your time besides Netflix or other on-line streaming services. 


  • Try doing an online art class. My friend Kiala offers amazing classes. Her Pull, Pen, Paint course brings together many different teachers and art styles that anyone can do, no matter your experience level with art of any kind. She herself works with book making and poetry.  Check out her site: https://classes.kialagivehand.com/
  • The majority of people nowadays have some sort of social media presence. So why not get more creative with how you share? Do a live feed and check in with your followers. Watch some YouTube videos on how to improve your photography skills using your phone. Take more pictures, try a theme. 
  • If you love video games, start the game you’ve been putting off trying because you had “no time”. There are plenty of games you can download and play on your computer through sites like Epic Games and Steam. Alternatively you can watch game play by going to Twitch or Mixer and finding a streamer playing a game you like. The streamers can be quite entertaining and you can chat live with them. As a streamer myself we always love the support and building our community.
  • Try a home improvement project. Upcycle and repurpose furniture or items in your home to create a fun and or functional focal point that jazzes up your space and or that has multiple uses. Watch some home improvement shows or go on Pintrest or YouTube and gather some inspiration. There are lots of simple and fun ideas you can try with minimal supplies. 
  • I love podcasts. Try listening to one of my favorites. I use Spotify and Podcast Addict to listen to these. “Lore” by Arron Mahnke is wonderful if you like old stories with new research, adding more details to some of the stories you may have heard before. “Endless Epic” My dear friends Mr. Castle and Mr. Smith have a great love of storytelling. They are currently reading through a beautiful classic children’s book called The Phantom Tollbooth. Mr. Castle is reading the book, then they both talk about their favorite parts and how it’s shaped their views today. Find out why it’s one of their favorite books of all time. “Swish and Flick” A Harry Potter fandom podcast. These 4 friends get together and talk about each chapter. They discuss in detail things that could have happened, pose fun questions and talk about why they love the books. They are such fun to listen to. “The One You Feed” by Eric Zimmer They have open minded discussions about habits, meditation, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy and motivation. They bring on many different guest speakers including, best selling authors, life coaches, motivational speakers, and much more.  “The MFCEO Project” by Andy Frisella, now he has a new show called “Real AF”.  This is huge motivation if you want to fulfill your greatest potential and also incorporate awesome business advice. 


I hope this has been some great food for thought. I’d love to hear from you about how you are navigating the time in quarantine. How are you doing? Leave me a comment. I’d love to connect with you during this time.


Be well on your journey.