Hello Beautiful Souls,


It’s a new year and a new decade. I know lots of people make resolutions for the year. Are you one of them? I personally don’t like to make resolutions. I feel that they are so easily broken and forgotten. I make personal vows. I pick a word of the year and see how that energy will manifest during the year. My last two words really affected me in both positive and negative ways and I’m grateful for all the lessons I learned from these experiences. My word from 2 years ago was Patience and boy did it kick my ass all year long. I then chose the word Journey, and I had no idea what was in store for me there. I not only traveled a little bit more, just in my own state, but to places I hadn’t been before and saw some truly beautiful things and met family I hadn’t known before. That word also took me on a deep inner journey that transformed my perspective on many things, and led me to know myself on a deeper level. I am not the same person I was, and I’m still changing for the better. This year my word is Transformation. I will fully become who I am and fulfill my purpose and continue on with the work that brings my life meaning and fulfillment. 

I had no idea that the words I chose would start to form a story. How learning Patience led me on a Journey to my Transformation. I will always strive to do better and be greater than the person I envision I will be 10 years from now.


My vows also include doing better with myself care than I did last year. I didn’t receive as many massages as I had intended for myself. However, I was good about going to the chiropractor and seeing my acupuncturist. 


I had set out to read ten books. I finished only one of them. Lol I did start five others, but I have not completed them. Why did I not finish one before starting another you ask? Book Clubs that’s why. I’m in a few different groups and they all picked books to read last year. I am almost done with three of them so I should have a headstart on finishing ten this year. 


I plan to do more here with Revive’s content so look for more interesting and fun things to come. We will be working to get YouTube content out. That is a big vow I make to myself this year, to improve the content we provide you. What we do here are things we are passionate about and we hope that it’s infectious and informative for you as a supporter of Revive. 


Just because I wavered in what I wanted to accomplish, doesn’t mean I gave up on it entirely. I still worked on my self care. I still picked up those books when I had the time and energy to read them. I didn’t give up or say to myself that just because some time went by means it can no longer be done. You only fail if you stop trying. So keep going to the gym. Just because you missed a month doesn’t mean your vow should be tossed away to old unhelpful bad habits, or negative ways of thinking. You can do it if you set your mind to it. 


So I hope this year brings you many blessings as well as challenges, because when you are challenged that’s when you grow and find out what your limits truly are. 

Tell me what you have vowed for yourself this year. I’d love to support you on your journey.


Be well on your journey and may the road rise up to meet you.