Chakra Evolution Foundation


Achieve chakra energy balance with this comprehensive guide suitable for all levels. This is an PDF eBook with 96 pages of full color content, includes pre-made bookmarks to help navigate through the content. Full description below.

The chakra spread is a personalized reading to accompany the guide. Full description below.

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This guide will provide you with some insights that will assist you in discovering new perceptions and some practices to incorporate into your routines, even the busy ones, that will allow you to detect your chakra energy and create balance using herbs, tea rituals, various crystals, foods, journaling, and color therapy. This foundation is designed for beginners and will be a crucial starting point to develop a more individualized process over time. 

This course is suitable for all levels but particularly beginners. It has everything you need to build a solid foundation and explore many methods to develop a practice that works for you!

96 pages of full color content


This spread is designed to accompany the Chakra Evolution Foundation course and give you some guidance along your healing journey with your chakras. The deck will be intuitively picked out for you. 7 cards will be drawn, 1 for each of the major chakras. It is to give you some insights as to where your energy may need some assistance and/or some positive reinforcements for the things you have been doing right in your self care along your healing journey. You will receive a detailed Tarot card reading from these cards drawn and pictures of the cards pulled in your email.

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