House Blessing Kit


This smudge kit includes:

3 sticks of Palo Santo holy wood

1 Small white sage bundle

1 Sweetgrass braid

1 White tea light candle

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In this kit you will find everything you need to cleanse and bless your energy and that of your home. Set your intention for the space before you start the house blessing. This works the same if you want to do it for yourself or someone you know. This kit is designed as a three (3) step smudging process. 1 st the Palo Santo to clear unwanted or negative energy from the space/person, 2 nd is the Sage to reset and bring balance to a space/person, and 3 rd is the Sweetgrass to bring happiness and peace into the space/person. You may do this whenever you feel the need to. This is especially good to do when you’ve just moved into a new place. This is a perfect housewarming gift too.

Please refer to our Smudging blog post for more information and tips on how to do a smudging to bless your space.

*Please use caution when working with fire. Have a fire resistant container handy to catch falling ash. Take care with any allergies you may have to the plants and wood. Revive Tree of Life cannot guarantee any results from the use of this kit.


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