Hello beautiful souls,

We thought you’d all benefit from a bath ritual. You don’t have to be a witchy person to enjoy some exquisite self-care time and a bit of a luxurious bath, that won’t cost you the price of a spa visit. Being in the thick of this pandemic and still in quarantine, we don’t have the ability or the funds right now to go out and have a spa day, so bring that treatment into your own home with a bath ritual. 

You can do a bath ritual at any time, but at the new moon and full moon are especially good times. The new moon is great for setting your intentions and goals for the coming month. The full moon is useful for releasing things that no longer serve your highest good and for acknowledging accomplishments. What does a bath ritual consist of doing? Well, it’s really anything you want. However, it’s being more intentional, mindful, and respectful in all aspects of the process. 

We forget that a bath is a luxury most people don’t have. It’s fairly common to have a tub in most modern homes, but it's still not everywhere, even in the modern world. It’s really overlooked as being a luxury in a modern mindset. Lots of places in this world still don’t have access to clean water much less a tub full to just bathe in. That’s why I started taking my bath time way more seriously many years ago. If I was going to use upwards of 20gal of water to take a bath I was going to make sure I maxed out the benefits of this time and my resources used. It is one of my favorite ways to de-stress. 

Here is my process for my bath ritual. I hope you will try this out for yourself and see if you notice a difference after. I have a recipe for you today as well, but the combinations are endless and you can use what you have on hand. 

My process is as follows: 

I gather my supplies and then set up the bathroom. Having it look beautiful sets your space for your intention and the ritual work you will be doing. I smudge myself with a sacred herb before I do the bath and also the bathroom. I brew up a cup of tea and take it with me to enjoy in the tub. I have a bath tray that makes all this easier. I bless and thank the water. I do the same for the herbs and minerals used (Do this in the way that feels good for you). I set intentions with my crystals and have them in the room, or if the crystal is safe for water, then it goes into the tub with me. If you are struggling with thinking of an intention or just fancy cards like myself, then if you have a tarot or oracle deck, you can pull a card to focus on the message the card brings you. I light candles and have appealing and relaxing music playing. I spend about 30/40min in the water (22min minimum for full absorption of the items used in the water). Then, I meditate in the tub and give myself some much needed self-massage, working my hands and feet in the water, rubbing my neck out. After the bath, I use coconut oil for a body moisturizer and add a little bit into my hair. Now, thank yourself for taking the time to do this for your body, mind, and Spirit. 

You can get really creative for your intentions and any kind of healing work you wish to do for yourself during the bath and also the ingredients used. Use herbs of the season, crystals for the metaphysical properties they have, moon phase energy to work with different kinds of healing of self. Cleansing after sickness and/or fortifying your body’s defenses. The sky’s the limit.


Here is one I use often:

1 cup Epsom salts

¼ cup Baking soda

¼ cup Sea salts (French, Himilian, etc would also be great)

3 sprigs of fresh Rosemary 

10 drops Rosemary ess oil

Dried Eucalyptus leaf – about a palm full

10 drops Eucalyptus ess oil

You can keep the herbs in a muslin bag if you don’t want to make a mess of your tub. 

Some benefits:

Epsom salts are great for sore/achy muscles. It’s magnesium and a good way to absorb

it is through the skin.

Baking soda is a detoxifier.

Sea salts help remineralize your body and clear up your energy.

Rosemary is good for improving concentration and is a mood booster. 

Eucalyptus helps relieve cold symptoms, but it’s great for clearing up your breathing from any congestion you may have, and it helps decrease pain in the body and is good for your skin. 


We hope that you are all doing well and staying safe. Thank you and be well on your journey,



Resources to purchase the herbs and minerals if you don’t happen to have them on hand.

Mountain Rose Herbs is one of our favorite places to get organic botanicals. They put a strong emphasis on providing as many organic, ethically sourced, and sustainable products as possible.



We’ve also used Penn Herb Co. They have a huge variety, with many organic options as well and they also carry supplements.



The oracle deck featured in the photos is The Untamed Truth deck by Rachael Caringella