Tarot Card Myths Busted!


Hello Beautiful Souls! I get a lot of questions about card readings from both current users and those without experience whatsoever. So, I decided that I will do a series of blog posts involving Tarot and Oracle cards information to help you guys out! I plan to give you some practice tips and hopefully new ways of using them, but first, let’s get some important information out of the way. Tarot card myths are about to get busted up in here!

Let’s discuss some tarot card myths and some of the stigmas involved with them. They shouldn’t be “scary” to use or something only the “woo woo” community uses. It is a very helpful tool for anyone! It doesn’t matter what your religion or spiritual belief system is if it’s something you are interested in. There are tons of ways to use them besides asking a question for guidance, and I will go into some of those things in a future blog post as well as where that guidance even comes from. But right now, we’re going to dive into some of the myths about tarot card decks!

Tarot Card Myth #1

You have to be gifted a tarot card deck before using it. It’s not ok to buy it for yourself.:

This is absolutely not true. If this were the case, hardly anyone would be using the cards. It is always nice to have a deck gifted or have one passed down to you from a friend or family member, but it is by no means the only way to be able to use a deck. If you want to start using it and this myth is stopping you, please take this as your sign to go choose a deck to begin working with.

Tarot Card Myth #2

The Death, Devil, and Tower cards are “Bad” to have come up.:

I’m a firm believer that there are no “bad” cards in the deck.  These cards are what I refer to as challenger cards. They are meant to point out something that you’ve been ignoring or refuse to accept. The Death card doesn’t mean that you will die or that someone you love will die. Maybe you need to go through an ego death by delving into shadow work. The Tower card doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the good things you’ve worked for will come crashing down, but perhaps you’ve had some things come up that you have to address or your base foundation wasn’t built strong enough. It’s there as a reminder to help you fortify for the future and scrap what isn’t serving you any longer. The Devil card could be a reminder that you’ve been too selfish or that you are wallowing in a victim mentality and are making excuses. It’s there as a reminder that you are enslaving your own mind, and you can choose a better path.   

Tarot Card Myth #3

Tarot predicts the future.:

Not in most cases from my experience. Sometimes it’s been pretty accurate with well formulated questions and things that could happen in the very near future. Overall that is not really the main purpose for using them. You have to do the work to make whatever happens that you want in your future. This is true in all aspects of life. 


Tarot Card Myth #4

You must set up a “protection circle” in order to use them.:

Tarot cards are not the same thing as say a Ouija board or doing channeling work. You don’t have to set up any extra protection to use them. There is no danger in pulling cards for yourself or doing readings for others. There is nothing wrong if you feel more comfortable doing this, just note that it isn’t absolutely necessary. I would recommend that you don’t do readings if you are overly emotional, since you won’t be in a healthy headspace to receive whatever messages you are getting from the cards pulled, and that could make your emotional state worse. 

Tarot Card Myth #5

It is connected to “spirits”.:

“Spirits” and or beings considered to be “Guides” aren’t connected to the decks themselves. If you work with these kinds of energies maybe different messages will come through for you along with the meaning of the cards, but that is just the individual’s experience and not what is common. The cards are a great tool for helping your own intuition and can bring clarity to your inquiries.

Tarot Card Myth #6

You must cleanse your cards before and after each use.:

This is really personal preference, not a requirement. I like to cleanse a new deck just because I feel I work better with them once I’ve acquainted myself with them. I hardly ever cleanse them beyond that. If I’ve done a lot of readings for different clients with the same deck, I like to cleanse them then, as a nice finisher, but it’s not really necessary to do so. 

Tarot Card Myth #7

You have to memorize the card’s meanings.:

You absolutely don’t have to memorize the card’s meanings. It’s definitely helpful to be familiar with them, but don’t let it hinder you from picking up the deck and pulling cards for yourself. Keeping a journal where you take brief notes on the meanings for your own quick reference is a good idea. Also, taking your own notes on what you feel the cards are telling you is a great idea. This helps you build your own intuition.

Tarot Card Myth #8

You are not allowed to read the book to check the meanings.:

This is also not true. You are not any less capable of receiving the message if you read it out of the book.

Tarot Card Myth #9

It’s “Bad Luck” to let someone else touch your deck.:

I’ve never found this to be the case. “Good Luck/Bad Luck” is all perspective. I believe you make your own luck, but that is my opinion. Energy is neutral until intention is put behind it, so someone touching your deck to admire the artwork isn’t going to cause an adverse effect with them. This is of course with your permission. 

I do hope that this has been helpful for you. If you were uncertain as to whether or not it would be acceptable to buy your own deck, you will consider it now. Have you heard of any other Tarot card myths that you would like some clarity on? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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Be well on your journey,


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